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Worksheet 6 Submitted

Great job!  You have just completed this course!  You should now have everything you need to build and refine your marketing campaigns so they start to perform like rock stars.

Like the previous worksheets, I have emailed this one to you for your records.

Let’s recap:

Over the six lessons, we covered product, value, market, content, relationship, and experience.

  1. Product: What problems does your product solve?
  2. Value: How does your product solve the problem?
  3. Market: Who does your product solve problems for?
  4. Content: How do you communicate your value to your audience?
  5. Relationship: How do you meet and get to know your audience?
  6. Experience: What is the journey your audience takes to become your customer?

This is the six question framework that you need to be able to answer if you want to have successful marketing online. You have to think in terms of building a relationship through a content experience based on actual market intelligence.

The rest of your marketing is then executing tactics, measuring and analyzing, all while making sure you are clear on the six question framework strategy you created.